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The mind is usually defined as the faculty which deals with thoughts, emotions, and consciousness. It is also a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment, language, and memory. But actually, it is a functional aspect of Brain.

The brain is a structural part of the central nervous system. Its vital part of the body which has all control centers for food, water, and breathing and for heart function too. But the brain has frontal lobe areas which help us in thinking, decision making, feeling, understanding, calculations, etc. these areas functional aspect is called ‘Mind’.

The mind is functional, the brain is structural. A mind is dynamically unstable, the brain is stable. The mind feels emotions, brain detect and direct it. Mind, brain, and body all are so much connected and integrated that any disturbance in any of these three can lead to major disorder.

Mental health deals with this integrated mind and brain and study of it called ‘Psychiatry’. Dr. Muktesh Daund provides the best Mental Health Treatment In Nashik

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Mental Health


For years mental health was overlooked by people. But due to the rapid change in lifestyles and the resultant stress, mental health has become vital for our life. But, the biggest challenge in the field of mental health is the prevalence of widespread ignorance and many misconceptions. This results in the dismal rate of treatment among those who suffer from mental health problems.

The need of the hour, therefore, is to give mental health equal if not greater importance, as we do our physical health. The world of medicine recognizes that there is no health without mental health. Mental health and psychiatric services are hence becoming more and more vital and efficient.

Mind-brain and psychiatry is our attempt to provide quality psychiatric services to the community. This essentially includes the entire spectrum of mental health issues, diagnosis, and management. We provide out-patient and in-patient services of Neuropsychiatry, Sexology, de-addiction, rehabilitation, child and adolescents psychiatric management and Child Guidance. It also includes various psychological testing services as well as psychotherapy, parenting, counseling, etc.

Our institute cum hospital was founded in 2015, and we are gradually increasing our branches to reach more people. We have one adult psychiatry branch named “Shri Rishi Psychiatry Clinic”; one Child and adolescents psychiatry branch named “Little Minds Clinic”; and NIMS Hospital for indoor care and other therapies. Provides best Mental Health Treatment In Nashik.

We have the best psychiatrist, the best clinical psychologist and best Child and adolescent psychiatrist to serve with love and care.

Mind-Brain And Psychiatry has the aim to reach every member of society every mental health issue, mental health awareness and reduction of stigma associated with mental illness. Mental Health Treatment In Nashik

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