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The mind is usually defined as the faculty which deals with thoughts, emotions, and consciousness. It is also a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment, language, and memory. But actually, it is a functional aspect of Brain.

The brain is a structural part of the central nervous system. Its vital part of a body which has all control centers for food, water, and breathing and for heart function too. But the brain has frontal lobe areas which help us in thinking, decision making, feeling, understanding, calculations, etc. these areas functional aspect is called ‘Mind’. Dr. Muktesh Daund is the best Psychiatrist In Nashik.

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Dr. Muktesh Kakasaheb Daund

Psychologist in Nashik | old age psychiatrist centre in nashik

Dr. Muktesh Kakasaheb Daund is a qualified consultant psychiatrist in Nashik. He is among the young dynamic psychiatrist and 1st amongst many to start own psychiatry hospital for admission and treatment of Patients.

He has completed MBBS from Dr. VM government Medical College, Solapur, MH. After MBBS he worked as a medical officer at Bodhegaon, Ahmadnagar, where he got exposure to problems in society and he worked there to improve them. While doing social work he developed the interest in psychiatry.

Therefore, he did DNB Psychiatry from the prestigious institute LGB Regional Institute of mental health, Tezpur, Assam. After 3 years of residency, he worked as Senior Resident at Sion hospital Mumbai. But as he was particularly interested in community practice, he came to Nashik.

Dr. Anita Nagargoje Daund

Pediatric Psychiatrist In Nashik

Dr. Anita Nagargoje Daund is a well-qualified consultant Psychiatrist in Nashik. She is among the first child and adolescent psychiatrist (Paediatric Psychiatrist) in North Maharashtra which include Nashik, Dhule, Jalgaon, Ahmednagar.

She has completed her MBBS from Government Medical College, Akola. Also, she did M.D Psychiatry from P.D.M.M.C Amaravati. She worked at Wardha and Gadchiroli where she got exposure to community problems.

With friends, she conducted the ‘Rubella vaccination and awareness program’ and vaccinated around 600 to 800 girls in Akola. While doing this she developed an interest in psychology, mind, and psychiatry.

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Psychiatrist In Nashik | old age psychiatrist centre in nashik

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Frequently Asked Questions

Psychiatrists are medical doctors. if you have problems in performing your day to day activities, and you are struggling with daily stresses, sad moods, Fear of failure or any sleep and appetite disturbance, then you should consult a psychiatrist. they will diagnose your problems like and will clearly differentiate them into mear psychological disturbance or whether it is some significant psychiatric disorder and they will give appropriate treatment.

A typical type of psychiatric treatment would be to meet for a consultation and then begin to medication that you’ve agreed between us, and then I would review you a few weeks down the line to see how you are responding to that.

Options for bipolar disorder are mood-stabilizing medications, which people would take consistently to try and hold
their mood from going high or low. And then, these are normally supplemented by psychological treatments that help the person control their disease.

No. Psychiatrists assess and treat people with a wide range of problems. This is right for those who seek out treatment themselves and those who are referred by others.

Psychiatrists treat people in trouble because of various problems, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and some kinds of behavioral difficulties, such as those involving self-destructive or violent thoughts. Students thoughtfully thinking of suicide can be helped. Some emotional and mental problems are affected by physical conditions; as a physician, a psychiatrist is in a position to make a statement of such situations and coordinate overall care.

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