OCD Related Disorders

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OCD has related disorders like Body dysmorphic disorder, Hoarding disorder, Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder) and Skin picking disorder.

               These are the disorders have a similar picture of OCD but significantly differentiated on some characteristic feature. Getting the correct diagnosis is very important in the implications of treatment. Even similar looking illness can have totally different treatments.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder:

  • Body dysmorphic disorder is characterized by a distressing and impairing preoccupation with an imagined or slight defect in appearance. For example, a person feels that his nose is not straight or is defective and need surgery to correct it. Like this, they may go on doing many corrective surgeries and cosmetic surgeries.
  • In the current era of glorification of Body parts, Mainly young population have these kinds of beliefs and its matter of concern for them, because their self-esteem depends on it. Like Bollywood promoted zero figure and six packs, hardly few acquire it. But peoples are preoccupied with it.
  • Similar to OCD because these peoples spend excessive time in Checking. Not OCD because their main concern is related to body parts only.

Hoarding Disorder:

  • Hoarding disorder is a behavioral pattern of collecting items in a compulsive manner that may or may not have any usefulness to the person. Usually, the person has an emotional attachment to the items or feels that it may become useful in the future or feels that it is very important and can’t be discarded. The person is unable to get rid of those items even though they may create hazardous situations in the home such as a risk of fire.
  • Similar to OCD because, a person may spend a great deal of time in ordering, collecting and arranging things.
    But not OCD because they didn’t have distress for it and not respond to traditional treatment of OCD.

Trichotillomania or Hair-Pulling Disorder:

  • Trichotillomania is characterized by repeated hair pulling causing noticeable hair loss. It can cause baldness and time wastage in hair pulling. Usually, lack of concentration, depression, social anxiety or impulsivity are the causes of hair pulling disorder. It may occur anywhere on the body (e.g., head, eyebrows, pubic area).

Excoriation or Skin-Picking Disorder (Dermatillomania):

  • The skin-picking disorder is marked by the compulsive need to pick at one’s skin to the point of doing physical damage. A patient usually presents with many scratch marks on the skin, typically at areas of the body which are assessable by hands easily. It is accompanied by the feeling of irregularity in the skin and trying to correct it with scratching. Also can be associated with depression, anxiety, and poor concentration.
  • This condition is generally longstanding with periods of remission alternating with periods of greater intensity. These individuals spend a significant amount of time, sometimes even several hours a day.

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