Anxiety Disorders

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Most common Psychiatric disorders. Anxiety is part and parcel of the current lifestyle. But when it becomes excessive and problematic, we call it an anxiety disorder.

               Anxiety disorders include nine specific disorders namely panic disorder, agoraphobia, specific phobia, social anxiety disorder or social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, an anxiety disorder caused by a general medical condition, and substance-induced anxiety disorder.

            Anxious symptoms may present as bodily symptoms such as palpitation, fearfulness, chest pain, breathing difficulty and sweating. Also Psychological symptoms such as feeling that something will happen to me, feeling of loss of control, and panic attack followed by unconsciousness are a prominent feature of anxiety disorders in the clinical picture.

            Some anxiety disorders are specific in childhood age. These are ‘Separation anxiety disorder’ (separation from Mother is difficult and the child can’t stay alone at school or outside home.) and ‘Selective mutism’ (child is mute or less talkative at school or outside and good at home, has no or few friends and less social) and ‘Specific phobias’ (fear of ghost, school, darkness, stage, blood, insects, heights, water etc. all are phobias common in children).

        It is the most common psychiatric disorder among all other disorders. Anxiety is the origin of many other psychiatric disorders. Anxiety disorder has fear which is more than predictable appropriate fear.

         Treatment for anxiety disorders mainly depends on the Severity of Symptoms. In treatment, therapy, counseling and some habit change and practice are have some role. Medications are essential if severity is there and have to continue as per the guidance of treating Psychiatrist. Complete anxiety treatment needs drugs as well as therapy. Both are essential, otherwise, the recurrence rate is high in anxiety disorder.+

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