Somatic Symptoms and Related Disorder

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This group previously called somatoform disorders. They are characterized by a marked preoccupation with the body and fears of disease or consequences of disease (e.g., death). These disorders include,

Somatic Symptom Disorder:

Somatic symptom disorder is characterized by a high level of consistent worry about own body-related signs and symptoms. These somatic signs and symptoms are misinterpreted as having a known medical disorder. Thus they go on doing many medical investigations to diagnose that disorder. But the patient will never be satisfied with the normal report of the investigation. It is also known as hypochondriasis as a common complaint in this disorder is the pain in the hypochondriac region of the stomach.

Illness Anxiety Disorder:

It is a new diagnosis in the new classification system. Illness anxiety disorder is the fear of being sick with few or no somatic symptoms. The patient is very anxious for a particular medical diagnosis and consistently worry about it. It impairs their functioning, occupation and later lands up into depression.

Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder:

Formerly known as conversion disorder in old classification. This condition is characterized by unexplained voluntary or motor-sensory deficits that suggest the presence of a neurological or other general medical condition. But on physical examinations and on investigations everything will be normal. Usually, psychological conflict is determined to be responsible for the symptoms. It can present in many forms e.g. convulsion, giddiness, fainting, aphonia, pseudo blindness, etc. commonly seen in young girls living in pampering families.

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