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Personality Tests

A personality test can give you a great deal of insight about the core components that make up who you are. Personality is how we interact with the world and those around us. It determines whether we bounce back after a tragic event or relationship problem, or we get mired down by the feelings. Your personality helps determine whether you’ll get along with your co-workers and boss, or whether every conversation turns into an argument.

Knowing more about your personality — and yourself — can help you lead a life with less friction and more happiness. Even if you uncover qualities of your personality that you’re unhappy with, the information can help you understand the things that may need changing.

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A personality test can help you learn all of this and more. The good news is that all of our personality tests below are offered at no cost and are based upon decades worth of scientific psychology research. These are not some random questions devised by a magazine intern in a day.

Also offered below, you’ll find some trait personality quizzes — tests that hone in on specific personality traits and symptoms that suggest areas of concern or possible problems. These areas of concern include narcissism (narcissistic personality disorder), borderline personality disorder, psychopathy, and paranoid personality disorder. We also offer emotional type and emotional IQ tests, because it may be helpful, in conjunction with your personality, in learning more about yourself and your emotional makeup.

Remember, these tests are not the same as those given in an office by a psychologist. If one of these tests identify an area of concern and its causing you distress, please seek out professional help from a psychologist or other mental health professional for further assessment.

Types of Personality Assessment

There are two basic types of personality tests: self-report inventories and projective tests.

  1. Self-report inventories: involve having test-takers read questions and then rate how well the question or statement applies to them. One of the most common self-report inventories is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory or MMPI.
  2. Projective tests: involve presenting the test-taker with a vague scene, object, or scenario and then asking them to give their interpretation of the test item. One well-known example of a projective test is the Rorschach Inkblot Test.
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