Bipolar Mood Disorder

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Bipolar disorder is characterized by severe mood swings between extreme sadness (depression) and extreme happiness (mania) and sometimes mix episodes mainly manifest as irritability. Two or more episodes of Mania also called as Bipolar disorder. It is divided into Bipolar I Disorder and Bipolar II Disorder, as per symptomatic presentation.

Bipolar I disorder:

  • It is characterized by a history of a manic or mixed manic and depressive episode. Bipolar I disorder is subtyped in many ways, including type of current episode (manic, hypomanic depressed, or mixed), severity and remission status (mild, moderate, severe without psychosis, severe with psychotic features, partial remission, or full remission), and whether the recent course is characterized by rapid cycling (at least four episodes in 12 months).

Bipolar II Disorder:

  • Bipolar II disorder is characterized by a history of hypomanic and major depressive episodes. The symptom criteria for a hypomanic episode are the same as those for a manic episode, although hypomania only requires a minimum duration of 4 days. The major difference between mania and hypomania is the severity of the impairment associated with the syndrome.
  • Usually, bipolar mood disorder takes lifelong duration with many remissions and recurrences. With the best choice of suitable drugs and therapy, a person can live free of bipolar for all remaining life.

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