Childhood Depression

We often see children within the general tendency of smiling and enjoying the situation.

But if your kid is having a lack of smiling, disinterest towards play, lack of involvement in all activities and irritable or become tearful easily then it is a matter of concern. Your child is suffering from childhood depression. Their depression can sometimes take shape of aggression, physical fighting, and destructive behaviors.

But if the child is somewhat elder age, like more than 13 years old then they can express their emotions directly.

They can name it as “ I am feeling sad, or irritable…”

or “ I am fearful of my exam result and can’t face criticism of others”

or, “ I am not feeling well, my stomach is aching or headache while reading etc.”

But complications of depression are varied. Like academic decline, avoidance of peers, irritable, fighting, argumentative, anxiety symptoms, school refusal etc.

Sometimes atypical features like hypersomnia, hyperphagia, weight gain, interpersonal rejection sensitivity, more commonly seen in pre-adolescents, conduct behavior symptoms seen.

Management: Cognitive behavior therapy, parental guidance, and drug treatment are essential management tools. Along with drug treatment, there is the importance of counseling and therapy. But some parents avoid drugs and some therapy. Many research study shows that both in unison only can give the best result.

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