Specific Learning Disability (SLD)

Have you worked harder to succeed and still received more negative feedback regarding your work?

How did you feel?

Children with Specific learning disability will have the same feeling when someone says them why you are such a failure.

SLD is a neuro-psychological disorder and its control is not in the child’s hand. As we know in hypertensive patients we can not change our own blood pressure as per wish, these kids can’t change their abnormal perceptual problems of letter-sound coordination and writing, articulation etc.

In SLD there will be a deficit in the development of some specific skills needed for reading, writing and calculation abilities. In general in common language, it is called dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia respectively.

Thus now it should be clear that SLD is not a problem with intelligence or motivation.

It is not very common but in 100 school-age children, 4 children can have SLD.

Commonly parents will be brought these children with the following problems:

  • With impairment in the reading problem in

word reading accuracy



  • With impairment in written expression problem in


Grammar and punctuation

Clarity or organization

  • With impairment in mathematics problem in

Number Sense




In clinic, we assess these children with many psychological tests like IQ tests, SLD Battery, Visuomotor assessments, and behavioral problem assessment to rule out all other causes of academic backwardness.

Management or treatment: Its multidisciplinary team approach. It involves psychological management, Medication management, Therapy level management, School level management, Family level management, Educational management, other issues management. If done correctly at the correct age, it definitely improves the child’s ability and there living.

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