Neuro Cognitive Disorders ( Delirium and Dementia )

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These are disorders characterized by changes in brain structure and function that result in impaired learning, orientation judgment, memory, and intellectual functions. (They were previously called dementia, delirium, amnestic, and other cognitive disorders in DSM-IV.) They are divided into three categories.


Delirium is marked by short-term confusion and cognition caused by substance intoxication or withdrawal (cocaine, opioids, phencyclidine), medication (cortisol), general medical condition (infection), or other causes (sleep deprivation).

Mild Neurocognitive Disorder:

The mild neurocognitive disorder is a mild or modest decline in cognitive function. It must be distinguished from normal age-related cognitive change (normal age-related senescence).

Major Neurocognitive Disorder:

Major neurocognitive disorder (a term that may be used synonymously with dementia, which is still preferred by most psychiatrists) is marked by severe impairment in memory, judgment, orientation, and cognition.

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