Logical and scientific Parenting (Need of hour.)

Logical and scientific Parenting (Need of hour.)

Parenting is a skill. Parenting is an art.

Many of us who had been raised in good parenting environment are tend to be good parents.

Here good parenting means where we are raised in balanced discipline and love, which has taught us self control and raised self esteem within us.

But those who have suffered too much discipline in home, those who are too much pampered, or who are sometimes neglected due to overcrowding, or due to many siblings or due to busy parents, those who have been treated with fear of something tend to become confused parents later.

When we become parents we usually tend to brought up our kids in same way as our parents did.
Because, we thought that's better way of parenting. "I am good person and my kids will be good person with it".
Sometimes reason may be that we knew only that method of parenting.
Human beings are observational learners, thus, we have learned our parents parenting style since our childhood. We have internalized it. Hence, we generally follow same parenting style for our kids

But some parents brought up their kids in different way, may be because they think their parents parenting method is not correct.
In busy world because parents think they can't give time to follow their parents like parenting, thus automatically they become different type of parents.
Sometimes they watch in surrounding that how all other children are treated so they treat their kids in that way.

Here, first and foremost one should keep in mind that 'there is no any perfect parenting'.

Parenting is skill and we have to learn this skill for our kids future in this so much different world now. When we were young, it was completely different scenario. Now world has changed drastically and it has impact on our kids.
Technology, science, internet, competition, schools, society, corruption, political thinking, diseases, mental pressure, stress, working patterns, everything has changed.

And if we raise our kids causual, without giving much thought to it then, when they enter in this outside world, they won't know how to respond. Kids will become adult but they won't be capable of responsibility. They will not be able to take right and quick decisions. They may not be that confident. May be they will get caught into addictions, criminals, and so on.

It has been observed that some parents are resistant to learn parenting skills and to change themselves from their orthodox patterns of parenting. Some parents have no time to learn these skills and they just leave that to the child.

Parenting training is essential. It's need of hour. And we all must learn this skill, this art to raise our kids into mature, responsible person with high self esteem.
We must raise our kids so that they become confident in themself, with no any psychological issue, with calm mind, good attitude towards people and kind heart to humanity.

'Our kids are creating future and we should help them to creat best future.'