India is the most depressed nation in the world

India is the most depressed nation in the world

Depression in India

India is currently house to a population of over one billion citizens. A study shows that one in five Indians may suffer from depression in their lifetime, equivalent to 200 million people Depression in India increasing day by day. In India, WHO predicts that the burden of mental wellness difficulties is of the number of 2,443 DALYs per 100,000 population, and the age-adjusted suicide rate per 100,000 population is 21.1. It is expected that, in India, the financial loss, due to mental health situations, between 2012-2030, is 1.03 trillion of 2010 dollars. Due to the stigma connected with mental illness, a lack of awareness, and poor access to professional help, only 10-12% of these sufferers will seek help.

Why Indians don’t take mental health seriously?


1. Judgment and Anxiety

 In a society that does not consider mental health an issue, coming ahead and talking about it will take a lot of guts, as you will be judged, and the fear of being rejected is always there. Your own people and friends will overlook this problem and are sometimes not ready to listen.

2. Lack of Understanding

People are not interested in issues related to mental health, so they lack empathy. Many a time when you are not aware of something, you just cloud your mind with all likely assumptions most of which are negative. 


3. Stigma- 

Statistics show that by 2020, India might has the largest population of people experiencing depression and anxiety in the world. It is time that people came out more openly and talked about mental health. 


4. Sensitivity and education- 

We need to teach people and excite them towards the signs and symptoms of mental illness while normalizing the idea of asking help. We should learn to create an inclusive atmosphere for people with mental health problems.